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Valerie Carricato

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“I am thankful for everything that is in my life and everyday is a blessing. ” – Valerie Carricato

Valerie Carricato  is an American drummer best known as a member and tour manager of the Band Fire Line. Valerie has been on various other albums over her 15 year music career as a both a live and session drummer. She plays all styles from jazz, to hard rock and everything in between.
Valerie has appeared on the New York based Radio Show “Around the Kit,” as a guest host. In 2016, Valerie participated in the Guitar Center Drum Off and went onto the quarter finals for Colorado. In 2018 she was nominated for Musician of the Year at the Rocky Mountain Country Music awards. She is currently endorsing 7drums, Humes and Berg custom cases, London Drumsticks, Sabian Cymbals, the Sweet Spots, RocnSoc Thrones, Native Percussion , Westone Audio, and Sledgepad Innovations.
When not on the road or in a studio, Valerie enjoys teaching drums and percussion at her home. She also prides herself in philanthropy and hosts many charitable events for military and first responders in her surrounding communities. In her down time she can be found enjoying time with her family, in the beautiful Colorado Rockies.

You have grown significantly with your community. How did that come about?

I have spent the last 17 years of my life in the music industry, attempting to turn my talents, hard work, and skills into my full-time income and career. About 3 years ago I had a massive music career failure, and was working at the local Fire Department. I found out I really enjoyed helping my community and being in public safety, almost as much as I enjoyed music. I decided to reevaluate and change my trajectory.
How could I be a more successful, while helping others in my community? I found the right people who were willing to have a similar vision and wanted a new start. Thus, was born Fire Line; we wrote an album, and our first gig was a benefit concert we held for a fallen police officer. We hit the ground running with a partnership agreement with Mt. Carmel Veteran’s Service Center next.
Since then we have had the honor of performing, and having our originals broadcast all over the nation. “Your purpose in life is to use your gifts and talents to help other people. Your journey in life teaches you how to do that.”— Tom Krause

In your recent article about helping the community you talked about social impact. Please share your story about this.

When a local police officer was injured in the line of duty, he needed money, resources, and many other things to support not only him, but his entire family. Fire Line stepped in and hosted a benefit concert with our fellow local bands. We created some much needed camaraderie amongst the local music scene, but we also created a social impact on our community.
We showed our town, specifically our local law enforcement agencies that we appreciate their daily sacrifice and we care about them. You can do this with your band or as an artist with any agency or community event that you believe in, then try and get other artists to join you. You are not just creating an awesome opportunity for musicians to network, but also to create a social impact that keeps giving back.  
Articles by Valerie: How Can Artists Help The Community? , 5 Tips to Maintain Perseverance, Sabian @ NAMM  How To Improve Your Band Touring Experience

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