Vealy’s “Just Like Me”

Vealy’s new single, “Just Like Me

Vealy’s new song shines with heart-wrenching lyrics and soaring vocals about real life situations.

photo by Christina Galindo

Vealy, congratulations on your new music, what was your vision for this song?
“Just Like Me” was written when I realized that I was spreading myself too thin by saying YES too quickly and too often. I realized when I was writing it that I like to say yes because I liked being liked… but the biggest epiphany is that I’m actually not being nice if I don’t mean my YES. I’m doing a disservice to myself and to the person who is asking!

“With my music, I hope to inspire my listeners to self-reflect! As a person, I love reflecting on my life because I think it’s a great tool to become a better person and make better choices in the future.” – Vealy

What message would you hope your audience to learn?
That they’re absolutely not alone. We all get stuck in that people-pleasing cycle, but it’s possible to start reclaiming your yes!
What future opportunities would you like to see happen for this song?
I would love to have a produced version of this song, and be able to market to a bigger audience who relate to the message!

When you’re at home and need to reflect on your life, this is the perfect song to stream right here:

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