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High-spirited, adventurous and full of flavor!

Zachary Lee’s newest single “Once Upon A Time” is a perfect combination of nostalgic Disney references with the modern sparkle needed.

Claiming he’s “a sucker for fairytales” Lee’s lyrics prove he’s for the “true love’s kiss” type of love. Zachary Lee started out his music career slamming on a drum set at 4 years old. From there his dad combined him with his sister and formed their first band at age 8. Ever since that moment he has been writing music and rocking out on stage.

Zach’s first show 6 months later was held in Pottsville, Pennsylvania in front of about 50 locals.

He sang and played keyboard as his sister rocked the drums and best friend ZW rocked the lead guitar. They played about 10 original songs and from that moment knew music was what he wanted to do.

His dream began to form, growing with each show he played, every song he wrote, and each band he was a part of.

Gradually he came into his own genre and his style began to form. Having shared the stage with bands such as All American Rejects, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Fuel, Bowling For Soup, Cartel, Hawthorne Heights and more, Zachary Lee now wants to find true fans LIKE YOU, to help him spread his music to the world. He will be releasing his new DISNEY single early 2022 and is excited to have you join him on this journey!

Lee does a magical job of bringing our childlike ears to life!

He references movies such as Snow White, Peter Pan, and Frozen, splicing in lyrics from Hercules. Not only are the lyrics cleverly addressed, but the blend of cheerful instrumentals helps bring the song to life. Similar to Lin Manuel Miranda, Lee finds a balance between rapping and singing, layered over a hybrid of Electronic Pop and EDM music.

Whether you’ve found your queen, are currently melting for the one you love, or are riding a carpet alone, Lee’s “Once Upon A Time” is just the song you need to keep your spirits up for your “prince to come”.

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