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We were made to move!

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Healing, inspiring and full of purpose!

We lead by example through dance.

ZiRu Dance is a BIPOC non-profit dance company, based in Redwood City, that emphasizes the creation of new work, diversity, cross-cultural dialogue, curated festival production, and community engagement. Through their intentional actions, focused art making, and our inclusive company, they aim to make a broader impact through performance, touring and outreach.

Watch this video and help us support our movement:

Philein Wang is the Artistic Director and Founder of ZiRu Dance. Wang’s exploration of her Chinese-American heritage pushed her to create a new dance form for the Asian American body. Her goal is to build cross-cultural bridges and to unite generations of immigrants through a unique blend of dance from Asia, Europe, and Africa.
Philip Garcia who is a longtime collaborator with ZiRu Dance produced the video for the Empowered to Move Campaign. He has produced all of the music and video content for ZiRu Dance since 2007.

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