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Philip Garcia
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I believe through teamwork, we grow stronger.

Hi Philip, tell us how you got started as a content producer?

Born in LA. I’ve been blessed to have a music teacher as a dad. Instruments were my toys! Music, tech and culture really spoke to me. I dabbled with several instruments however, guitar and piano became my favorites. My school years were spent in band camp, church choir, and playing guitar in bands.

vqs studio producer philip

My dad exposed me to a lot of genres: jazz, classical and more. At 12, I realized I was destined to do work in music and media.

At 21, while attending the recording and business program at Musician’s Institute, I began volunteering at several local recording studios and later interned at some of my favorite studios including: Sony, Columbia, and Epic Records. Producing music and developing local LA artists came natural for me. I also became active in placing music in TV/Film with NBC, MTV, Miramax and Discovery.

The Turning Point:

Growing up as an aspiring musician and show producer, I quickly realized the challenges of making it as an independent artist. Being independent gets lonely fast! So that led me on a quest to build the best team that I could find.

I founded VQS Studio (VisionQuest Sound) in 2010. We’re a boutique media company for influencers. We provide media coaching and help creators to grow their brand and share their art and stories to the world through video, articles and podcasts.

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What’s your mission at VQS Studio.

Natalie Major Vision

We’re a one of a kind media company for creators. As a media coach, I help emerging influencers and entrepreneurs to grow their brand and share their art to the world through videos, articles and podcasts.

We’re a small group of creators who loves to vlog and blog about mindset tools, culture and team empowerment.

Our team is obsessed with making the social media world a healthier space for everyone.

Our signature video production has helped many influencers’ YouTube content to go viral. We specialize in exclusive interviews, review & commentary, episodic content and LIVE performances…

vqs studio producer

I help my clients to “level up their content game” with tools and strategies that help them break through the noise and succeed in their careers.

We are well partnered with a network of top influencers and creators. Besides media coaching, our creative services include: video production, content marketing, social media ads, acoustic recording, sound production and location sound. VQS Studio is constantly growing, partnering, and learning from other small businesses in our LA community. I believe through teamwork, we grow stronger.

Where do you see things going in the next 5-10 years?

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I have to ask this question. How can we truly make the social media world a healthier space for everyone?

The social media algorithms are changing everyday and the struggle for attention creates more noise. It affects many smaller media companies. It’s designed that way –and we all play a part in this.

What would I like to see?

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We can start by encouraging more honest conversations and cultural diversity. What if we all focused on making meaningful relationships before transactions? Today’s climate is aching for real change: a growth mindset for our smaller communities.

I’m looking forward to see a big shift of people having more face to face meetings and building stronger teams.

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