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“The best way to explain what I do is to say that I’m that girl who sings on all the DJs music ” – Lauren Salvo
Los Angeles based, artist and producer, Lauren Salvo is always on the hunt for a beautiful song. She writes, sings, produces, and hosts anything that has to with music.
Salvo blends the brooding energy of dark electro pop with a classical elegance to create tracks that are vital and urgent. She has collaborated with artists from around the world, releasing tracks with millions+ streams.
Salvo produces vocals and write toplines (the lyrics and vocal melodies) for DJs and artists. She works closely with a vocal label based in Amsterdam called Vocal Kitchen. “So, most of the time (actually all of the time as of right now), my releases are either Salvo and whoever… or “ft. Salvo”. It’s really cool because I get to work with a lot of sub-genres of pop and EDM and there’s always something fresh and new in my inbox. I’m really loving the new melodic trap and future bass sounds the most now.” – Salvo
Born Lauren Salvo, she began performing at only thirteen years old, singing in local choirs as well as fronting a pop punk band through middle school. Her euphoric vocal abilities led her to Philadelphia’s Temple University, where she majored in Classical Voice and Opera. After graduating, she officially launched her writing career, agreeing to write for Ruffhouse Records (Lauren Hill, The Fugees) while still living in Philadelphia. She then released her first solo EP “Sober Heart” in 2016, before relocating to Los Angeles and shortening her name to Salvo.
Upon arriving in LA, Salvo settled down in Silver Lake and almost immediately became a fixture on the neighborhood’s thriving pop and EDM scenes. She began working with notable songwriters Yufi Zewdu (Chris Brown), Taylor Morrow (Kiiara), and Curly Lox (Diplo), before agreeing to an exclusive contract with Dutch agency Vocal Kitchen, which specializes in toplining for EDM and house artists.
Currently, Salvo is running her own studio in Silver Lake where she is hard at work consistently releasing collaborations with internationally renowned artists as well as creating innovative new music for her solo project.
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