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Symon Enriquez
Civil Engineer, Virtual Assistant, Content Creator

How To Thrive in Business with a Virtual Assistant

I fell in love with the virtual job of providing services to business-minded people…

Hi Symon, welcome to VQS, tell us how you got started in Virtual Assisting?

Curiosity becomes my start. I’ve heard many interesting stories about freelancing, and behind those testimonies are wonderful opportunities and breakthroughs that gave me a spark to try out doing this kind of job.

I tried at first, outsourced tasks from the people that taught me the basics of virtual assistance, and to my surprise, I found out that there is a lot that it can provide not just for people who want to have a flexible job but also for those who want to start their own business. Along the way, I fell in love with the virtual job of providing services to business-minded people who need Virtual Assistants.

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What new projects are you working on now?

I help coaches & business owners who are overwhelmed with tasks thrive in their business using my strong VA & Canva skills.


What core values do you believe are necessary for success?

  • 1.) Dedication
  • 2.) Loyalty
  • 3.) Kindness
  • And LOVE to your craft.

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Who have been some of your favorite people/projects to work with?

Too many to mention but I’m aiming to work with good-hearted, business-minded people with a mission to help others.


goodheartva If we replicate, it means we found something special and unique from you. It means we look up to you in doing your craft. It means you have succeeded in influencing others.

In business, while it’s easy to imitate, it’s much harder to replicate the success with a “let’s-duplicate-the-strategy” strategy. 

So as for me, who is still starting small, I won’t hide that I copy some of my favorite content creators’ posts or anyone who I look up to.

But it doesn’t mean that all along I’ll copy out them myself. No.

I’m learning. Still learning. 

We all started small. I guess no one started as an expert, am I right?

Also, I believe that there is a big difference between what you can say and what you can deliver. 

We all have the right to express ourselves the way we want to. 

And we all have the minds to learn and somehow imitate the different techniques and strategies shared with us by the different mentors, coaches, teachers, leaders, etc. anywhere.

I think the real competition is yourself. How would you be able to hold on to your vision and mission in life, in your goals, in your craft?

If those that are imitating you won’t copy you anymore, are you still living your vision? Do you share and help others? or rather just to impress? 

The competitors you need to watch out for are the ones who are not on your radar. 

It means they’re assessing your every move and from analyzing you, they can come up with a much better scheme than you can provide.

So for you who is reading this. It is not wrong to copy, yet not always. Just have a sense of originality in the way you copy. Learn while you’re new and grow every day. For those big accounts, thank you! YOU INSPIRE ME!

What future opportunities would you like to be involved with?

symon enriquez virtual assistant

I see myself in the future as a successful content creator providing beautiful templates for any kind of business in the virtual world, as a coach to aspiring content creators and virtual assistants that wants to grow in this industry too, to build an agency providing Virtual Assistance to businesses all around the world, and if not too much, I also want to pursue my singing career too. Haha.
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Symon EnriquezWebsite | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | YouTube

Symon Enriquez
Website | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | YouTube

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