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Know anyone who would be a great candidate for our advice blog?

What’s the advice blog about?

VQS (VisionQuest Sound) is an LA based media company that helps creators, artists and brands share their art and stories to the world.
Our advice blog features a “5 Tips to…” series to inspire artists and creators about leadership and giving value. (Not limited to tips: but could be 5 Ideas/5 Approaches/ or “5 Lessons I Learned From Being A Mentor To Younger Artists.” etc.
Our articles are short format = 3-4 min reads. Ideally 800-1000 words max. 

What topic should I write about?

Please choose a topic that speaks to your heart. The article should showcase leadership and growth for the artist and creative. Try to narrow it down to a specific topic. i.e. “5 Ideas for a beautiful performance.” can be changed to: “What Makes a Beautiful Performance?” Then breakdown 5 points/ideas/ or improvements that can be made. Let’s include an action item in each tip. i.e. “Engage your audience by thanking them for their support with a smile every 2-3 songs.”

Keep it practical, fun, and add value. Some trending articles we see are: improving musicianship, social media strategies for artists, growth hacks, DIY hacks, outside the box thinking for artists, and networking tips. You don’t have to include all of them, but now you understand our general theme of “artist growth.”

How long does it take to publish?

Once we receive your draft. There may be several changes to be made. It can take a few days. That’s normal. Once an article is approved, it will usually publish in 2-3 days.

Who reads our blogs?

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We publish a blog at least every other day. Influencers and creators usually find our articles in search of bite sized tools and strategies. Short and practical ideas, like our blogs are read and searched by thousands of people on the internet, every minute.

What are the benefits of an advice blog?

“How To…”  and advice articles help brand awareness for everyone. It also helps position you as a leader and creator in your community and field. The more quality articles we publish, the bigger the growth for everyone. Your art, your words, and your value will join the top ranks of the most searched content on the internet:  “How To” articles.
We’ll make a scalable, author/creator profile for you with all your social links and a high quality photo. This will link back to all your articles.
And we’ll promote you too. Now that’s value.

Here’s some of our recent articles to get an idea.

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Submit your article or ideas here.
I look forward to sharing your stories and your leadership to the world. – Philip– VQS team

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