Quarantine Advice

jen fiskum voice actor

How to Start Your Voice Over Career

How long have you been holding off from starting your voice over reel? Best advice on how to get started, the right way.

Top 5 Remedies for a Sore Throat

What do you do when you have a sore throat? Your voice is your most important instrument. Don’t leave home without this list.

money 100 dollar bill

7 Smart Money Lessons for Musicians

As artists and music creators, what’s the best way to approach money today? While the world is rebuilding, it’s the perfect time to improve your mindset on money. Your limiting beliefs could be holding you back more than you know.

Start To Redirect Your Life in 2020

How to cope with loss of business. Time to reset. Oh wait! There’s too much time now. We weren’t trained for this. What do we do?

visionquest sound advice blog

5 Tips on Focus and Efficiency

The recent pandemic has affected us all in many ways. How can we break through the noise, stay focused and get things done? Let’s talk about 5 critical things you can do, right where you are.

singer songwriter purple horizon

How To Thrive, Right Where You Are

Quarantine has changed everything. Live streams, Netflix, EDD and social media have become our best friends.
Life was too fast, now we’re crawling. But how can we embrace the mindset of a smarter and simpler life before it’s too late?

Avoiding The Discouragement of Online Competition

Have you noticed signs that you’re cultivating additional stress during an already stressful time?
Are you missing the real opportunities for long-term growth that can be made during this time? What if we rethought our career goals for 2 minutes?

5 Life Lessons From Quarantine

Could this be the missing manual to life in quarantine?
Time to reset. Oh wait! There’s too much time now. We weren’t trained for this. What do we do?
From hoarding and panic to family dinners and solitude, but there’s more, and it may hurt not to read on…


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