Quarantine Advice

10 Steps To Get Through Quarantine

Two months ago, life was different. I had a plan, and everything was moving forward. Suddenly, an invisible enemy took over. Now, days in quarantine are downright painful. Life may not get any easier, but one things for sure, we can get stronger.

How To Thrive In Quarantine

Hey, you! Yes, you. The one sitting in the middle of a pandemic that no one in the 21st century anticipated impacting first world America – the country where most of us grew up believing you could be literally anything you put your mind to. And that’s what you did. You’re a musician…

How To Stay Motivated To Practice, For Musicians

We can write great songs for days, but still our mind can pull us down. How to prevent musical burn out? As artists, it’s our job to stay productive and creative. How is your internal dialogue really affecting your future? What if there was a healthy way out?

Using Your Artistry to Change the World

How can we use our artistic powers to break through the darkeness today? We are uniquely gifted to reach the world with our art. We can harness these gifts to release healing, encouragement, and light. What story are you teaching your audience? How will it create the change that we really need today?

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What Can Artists Do Differently Now?

Welcome to 2020: year of social distancing and virtual tip jars. No more busking. No more live show venues. But life must go on, even if it’s in your bedroom. But it gets deeper, and I mean deeper…

5 Stay Home Hacks For Creators

Welcome to life in quarantine. If you’re at home practicing social distancing, it’s time to rethink your life.
Caution: reading further may increase your productivity by 10x. We learned a lot from our history, especially from The Great Depression era. One things’s for sure: artists and creators need to move forward and make things happen.

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5 Steps To Growing Your Artist Career

Difficult roads will lead to beautiful destinations. Where are you at in your artist journey? The world is changing fast. How are you keeping the dream alive?

How To Give An Unforgettable Performance

Your art is a beautiful gift to the world. Whether you’re performing by yourself or part of a group, your audience needs real engagement and connection, especially in today’s climate. Don’t start your next performance without reading this.


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