4th Impact Interview

What’s the secret of their success?

Philip and Haven have a fun conversation with the ladies of 4th Impact. The four talented sisters from the Philippines talk about their journey, passion and inspiration. Watch to the end for all the fun surprises and trivia.

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Time Stamps

00:00 Intro
00:39 Forte Concert with Orchestra and SB19
01:29 Celina, what’s the advantage of being the youngest?
02:24 Mylene, how did you first become a martian?
03:01 Irene, what does swagger mean to you?
03:32 Almira, how do you take care of 1000 puppies?
04:30 How do you prepare for the Forte concert?
05:26 What inspires you’re fashion?
06:39 Describe the sister on your left
07:45 Who’s your KPOP and PPOP bias?
08:23 What’s your favorite TV show?
08:58 Besides music, what career would you pursue?
09:50 What’s your favorite love song?
11:08 Biggest learning moments from X Factor?
12:43 What impact have your parents had on your career?
13:35 How can we support your BIG dream?
14:23 4th Impact’s new family ShowBT PH
15:25 Who’s the silliest?
15:55 Who takes the longest to get ready?
16:03 Who is the first to get ready?
16:19 Who would scream the loudest to snakes?
17:00 Who takes the best selfies?
17:09 Who is the most organized?
17:25 Who spends the most money?
17:58 Who got in trouble the most as a kid?
18:34 How do you choreograph you’re dance videos?
18:50 Who comes up with your fun video content and mukbangs?
19:21 How do you manage to LIVE stream 2x a week?
20:57 Singing challenge, Bang Bang
21:31 Singing challenge, Dynamite
21:59 Singing challenge, Bridge Over Troubled Water
22:30 Singing challenge, Leave the Door Open
23:13 What keeps you singing together?
24:13 What’s next for 4th Impact?
24:47 When are you coming to Los Angeles?
25:32 What advice can you give to young artists?
27:36 Special thanks to Dreamers and upcoming events
28:10 A word from Sir Gary – Executive Director Episode 1

Article by: Philip Garcia

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