Cool Stuff NAMM 2020

Cool Stuff at the Namm Show

Our host Kimberly Lee interviews some great people at NAMM to learn more about instruments.

How can instruments make you feel in your entire body? What instruments are used for yoga or meditation to keep your body and mind relaxed? How can you turn recycling into instruments? 
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1. Is a very great opportunity to take unwanted weapons and turn them into musical instruments.
2. “My favorite part of NAMM is connecting with new people, and VQS is very good at that” – Brandon Blake (Hokema) 3. I can have all sonic flexibility with Hokema. This is great for 2-3 years old and set them up for musical success. Made in Germany.
4. “We are producing instruments where we can feel the tone throughout the entire body” Ingo Böhme
5. Armory of harmony is a non-profit foundation; they gather gunmetal and work with manufactures that use gunmetal to do instruments. The instruments are given to schools in need around the country. – Richard Gibb.
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