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Ellery’s Story

“If that’s your dream and you really want to do it, just give it all that you have” – Ellery 

Have you ever felt you can’t play an instrument because your hands are very small? How can you push yourself when you feel you don’t want to work on your craft? LA based singer-songwriter. Ellery shares her story and vision. From the island of Guam to LA! She comes to the studio to bring us her island sound and charm us. If you want to dance and get in a Hawaiian mood join this episode.
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1. 1. If this is what I want and this is what I love I’m gonna do my best.
2. My dad was a heavy metal musician. Little Ellery will go and listen to them preform and sing along, 80s songs or Maroon 5 songs.
3. I join a choir in 4th grade, and then I felt in love with the ukulele, which is my primary real instrument.
4. Breaking the cycle I wrote during a hard time in my life. Tired of living the same way over and over again and feeling stuck.
5. My music is fun music, music that makes you wanna dance. I definitely keep kind of like an island vibe because that’s what I’m used to.
6. If that’s your dream and you really want to do it, just give it all that you have. I was lucky to have supportive parents and supportive people around me. There were times when I didn’t want to do it, when I got tired, pursuing yourself is worth it. Reminding yourself that if this is what I want, doing your best.
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