Ep 27: Christina Sofina

Episode 27: Quarantine Confessions – Christina Sofina

“Music has always been my escape. I get immersed in a song and let my emotions go.” – Christina

In this episode, LA based singer-songwriter and creator, Christina Sofina talks to us about her struggles through quarantine, her music journey, and advice with host, Philip of VQS. Join us as we dive deep into Christina’s challenges, confessions, future vision, and more.

Music by: 3drac feat. Christina Sofina
Show Time Stamps
0:01 Philip’s Intro
0:35 Welcome Christina
0:51 Christina’s real struggle in quarantine
2:23 Shout out to DJ D-Nice
2:49 Lessons from quarantine
4:50 A new beginning?
6:43 Christina’s music and women empowerment
7:15 New music with 3Drac: Just Friends
8:23 WEOSH and new collaborations
9:02 People and good energy
11:19 Home recording setup in quarantine
11:58 Blue Yeti X microphone
12:55 Christina’s favorite jazz songs to sing
14:09 Christina’s new content on social media
15:51 1 year goal: new album
16:50 Christina’s is now a voice over artist
17:18 How we use Fiverr
19:01 Advice for young artists and women in music
19:41 Christina’s Instagram christinasofine
20:29 Support VisionQuest Sound from Philip
Dealing with Inconsistency and Uncertainty
Using Your Artistry to Change the World
Christina Sofina shares INSPIRATION


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