Ep: 28 Valerie Carricato

Episode 28: Artistry & Vision – Valerie Carricato

“I am thankful for everything that is in my life and everyday is a blessing.” – Valerie Carricato

In this episode, Colorado based musician, philanthropist, and creator, Valerie Carricato about her music journey, challenges, vision, and more with Philip of VisionQuest Sound.
Valerie’s band is Fireline: Jim Robertson, Ron Sandvik, Wayne Humphrey, and Valerie Carricato
Special Thanks to: Steve and Tracie Carricato, Erin Sandvik, photography: Kelsey Boulware, Art Noble, Dewey Steel, 1 Ton Trio, Mount Carmel Veteran Services, Valerie’s Mom,
Sponsors: Sabian Cymbals, 7 Drums, SledgePad.com, Scott Watts of Sweet Spots, Kinesio Tape, and Bill Douglass from Royal Recording.
Show Producer: Philip Garcia of VisionQuest Sound 

Video time stamps:
0:01 Valerie remembers her first gig
0:31 Host Philip’s intro
1:13 Mom’s idea was a blessing. Valerie’s first drum set.
2:33 Growing up in the school band
3:39 Valerie’s teacher, Art Noble
4:02 Valerie’s first paid dream gig at 13.
5:50 Influences, jazz, blues, rock
6:24 Learning from Dewey Steele
7:10 Versatility with different styles
7:54 Learning traditional grip
9:13 Sponsorships: 7 Drums
9:55 Sledgepad
10:14 Sabian Artist Endorsement
10:54 Thanks to Scott Watts Sweet Spots
11:30 The benefit of Kinesio Tape sponsorshi
12:43 Articles with VisionQuest Sound
13:11 How has the quarantine affected you?
14:48 Home recording setup
16:31 The challenges of being an artist
20:53 The story of Fireline
24:52 Valerie’s new vision
26:21 Valerie’s social media
26:39 Support VisionQuest Sound

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