EP 12: Briana Lyn

Episode 12: Artistry & Vision with Briana Lyn
In this episode, LA based session singer, voice coach, and mentor, Briana Lyn shares her story and vision with host, Philip from VisionQuest Sound. Join us on this power packed conversation that’s loaded with tools for artists, creators, and speakers. Nobody is going to sound like you. Each person has their own unique voice so it’s important to discover that to stand out as an artist. It’s also equally important to get the training you need to discover your unique voice so that you can sing with more freedom. For more free tips on transforming your voice, connect with Briana on her website
“No one gets to where they are in life by chance. it takes the right strategy, nurture and expert support to get to the next level” – Briana
Secrets To Unlocking Your Voice

Show time stamps
0:01 What’s your vision?
0:02 Philip introduces Briana
0:41 How did you get into teaching voice?
2:00 Two locations Minneapolis and Los Angeles
3:24 Article recap: How to unlock your voice?
4:29 What’s your social media and websites?
5:05 What core values do you believe are necessary for success?
6:38 What’s area of voice teaching do you specialize in?
6:59 Does everyone need a voice coach?
7:27 Public speaking and vocal health
8:30 The importance of using your voice correctly
9:19 What’s the common challenge of voice students?
10:12 What advice can you give to new singers?
10:52 Where can we go to learn more and connect with you?

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