Episode 17: Hannah Ureste

Episode 17: Artistry & Vision with Hannah Ureste
In this episode, LA based musician, Hannah Ureste shares her story and vision with host, Philip from VisionQuest Sound.
Music featured “Mango” by Hannah Ureste
Special Thanks to Musicians:
Adrian Michael – Drums @iplaythings
Ian Charlie – Guitars, Producer @iplaygtr__
Susan Lucas @justsuzen
Matty Margallo – Keyboards @mattymakinmusic
Nico Staub – Bass @nicoonbass
Walter Wax – Keyboards, Producer @walterwaxmusic

As artists and musicians, how can we add real value today? On this show, we focus on leadership and productivity for today’s creators. Episodes include advice recaps from our VQS blog, and interviews with artists and influencers. Join us on our quest to discover growth hacks and new strategies for visionaries.
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