Episode 18: Eva

Episode 18: Artistry & Vision with Eva And The Vagabond Tales
In this podcast episode, LA based singer-songwriter and story teller, Eva Mikhailovna shares her story with Philip from VisionQuest Sound.

0:01 Eva’s secret
0:31 Host Philip’s intro
1:03 Who’s in your band?
1:46 Describe the sound of your music? Who is for?
2:39 Where are you on social media?
3:24 Where in the world did you find Jasmine, your accordion player?
5:12 What triggered your love for music?
6:00 How did you cope with anxiety growing up?
6:55 Who came up with such a long band name?
8:10 What’s new for your band now?
8:42 How are you staying productive in quarantine?
9:31 Dream collaboration?
10:29 What’s the NPR Tiny Desk Contest all about?
11:15 “Please Keep Me” video for NPR
11:53 What’s the secret to your audio recordings?
12:39 New collab: Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks
13:27 Blooper videos coming soon…
13:52 What keeps you motivated? Coffee or Tea?
14:36 What change would you like to see today?
15:44 What social media platforms are you focusing on?
17:56 What advice can you give to the younger Eva?
19:05 How do you manage your time?
20:49 Perfect Pitch?
21:30 Music creates change
22:22 Being vulnerable and sharing secrets.
23:33 Follow Eva on her social media
24:05 Please support our show VisionQuest Sound
Cover Photo Christopher Jacobsmeyer
Musicians: Vocals: Eva Mikhailovna  |   Drums: Jacob Pflum  |  Bass: Alan Arteaga  |  Accordian: Jasmine Capitulo  |  Clarinet: Joe Di Fiore
Music by Eva And The Vagabond Tales: Train Travelers,  Theives, and Ways.
Special Thanks to: 
Dynaudio Unheard  |  NPR
Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks/ Those Poor Bastards

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