Ep: 20 Marc Solomon

Episode 20: Artistry & Vision with Marc Solomon
In this podcast episode, LA based music producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist, Marc Solomn shares his story with Philip from VisionQuest Sound.

Marc has worked with: Shwayze, Pussy Cat Dolls, Big Syke, Tupac, Shug Knight, Baby G, G Easy, Mod Sun, Danny Way, Dc Clothing, Mopreme Shukur, Suzen Lucas, Johnny Blaze, Loa Greyson, Jerome Grey, Kari Assad
SunSoul Records  |  The Sonic Writers

0:01 Marc’s vision
0:22 Host Philip’s intro
0:43 Who is Marc Solomon?
1:10 How did you get started in music?
2:05 Who are your teachers and mentors
2:39 Who are your guitar heroes?
3:16 Who have you worked with
3:55 What’s your role as a music producer songwriter?
4:42 What the vision of your sound?
5:33 What’s your social media?
5:43 What’s in the future for Marc?
6:11 How do you help artists with their vision?
7:19 How do you manifest an idea into real life?
7:51 What advice can you give to new producers and engineers?
8:36 Who are some of the local artists you’re working with now?
9:21 Tell us about your recent project with Susan Lucas?
10:25 Listen to excerpt “Sunrise” by Susan Lucas
10:46 Tell us about your studio Epic Music Spaceship
11:56 What kind of equipment do you have?
12:39 What draws you to the singer-songwriter sound?
13:00 What kind of guitars do you have?
13:43 How are you working in quarantine during Covid-19 pandemic
15:05 Most memorable projects so far?
17:32 What’s your studio and recording workflow?
18:47 Please support our show at VisionQuest Sound
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