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“I want people to come and get the idea out as seemly as possible without having to fight for it” – Marc

Do you want to become a great producer and work with amazing artists? Do you want to take artists visions and ideas to the next level and make their visions come true? We know that many times the ideas we have in out head doesn’t match with the reality. If you want to learn how to do that Marc can help you. Marc Solomon, is a LA based audio engineer music producer, multi instrumentalist and guitarist for about 20 years. Born and raised in South Florida. He worked with big name artists such as Pussy Cat Dolls, Shug Knight, Suzen Lucas, ton ame a few. Check this episode to learn more about him. 
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1. I am best at lifting people up.
2. When I was 12 years old I started playing guitar. I started with punk rock. I was inspired by punk record which led me become a producer.
3. After graduating from high school I got signed to a band which eventually got on billboard a year after that which opened a lot of doors for me.
4. Even though I know that I have great ideas, I feel that my ideas are best when it applies to somebody else’s styling’s.
5. The way I help artists is by getting their stuffs together. I want artists to perform at their bests by breaking their old habits. I like to re build old habits.
6. Then we have an idea in your head, and we perform live, the translation many times is not the same from the idea you had in your mind. For that to happen I need a lot of questions I have to ask and lots of visualization it needs to happen.
7. When you get there you’ll be there but until you’re there you’re not there. That’s an analogy for your skill set. Work on being the best you possible. Be okay with the process and love the process from what it is.
8. My company is called Epic Music Spaceship. We do from yoga to making music. My space is a film space or a jam room or a recording space.
9. I dig the idea that a person can hold a room with only their instrument, their voice and their energy. There is some kind of romance on it.
10. Shwayze had opened a lot of doors for me. I got to work with Pussy Cat Dolls, G Easy, Mod Sun.
11. I work with Protools since I was 14. I tried to make this whole studio playable. At any time, anything in this room works enough to at least get the idea out. Everything is jammable here. I want people to come and get the idea out as seemly as possible without having to fight with the idea.
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