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“If you have those voices in your head, trust what you know and go for it” – Jordan 

Where do you get your inspiration when it comes to songwriting? How often do you write and how you get your melodies and lyrics come out? Jordan is an LA based singer-songwriter with a Master’s degree in Voice. He writes indie pop mixed with elements of folk, rock, and soul. Along with writing and performing his music, Jordan can regularly be seen on stage in musical theatre productions in choral ensembles. If you want to learn how to unleash your creativity he can give you some tips.
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1. Songwriting is really important to me, right now I am writing a song a week. It’s scary but its really exiting. Trust what you know and want, and go for it.
2. This EP that’s coming out is gonna be pretty versatile.
3. Some of my influences are Ben folds, Sara Bareilles, Regina Spektor, The Killers.
4. I will like my songs on TV shows and film.
5. I take my baby girl Alex in her strollers around the park and I will be writing melodies and lyrics.
6. Yellow lines, my new song was inspired from my road trip from Boston to California. I was looking to a lot of yellow lines driving down the road.
7. My new EP is a six track EP is called “The Radio And The Sea”, I’m exited to see how it does in the TV/Film sync world because there are so many different elements.
8. I wrote all of the songs, my producer helped me with some of the melodies and harmonization.
9. I will like to collaborate with Ben folds, John Meyer, Randy Newman.
10. If you have those voices in your head, trust what you know and go for it.
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