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“My favorite part about music is the escape” – Maddisun

How is the music scene in other parts of the world different from LA? What are the pros and what are the cons? How can you use your music skills for escape? Canadian based singer-songwriter, Maddisun Keiver shares her story and inspiration with Vealy. If you want to learn how is the music scene in Canada Maddisun can tell you how it works. Are you planning to go to Canada or other parts of the world for music?
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1. I started music when I was 5 years old. My parents put me into piano lessons. I did school band, I did choir, I did vocal jazz. It started as a teen, I started writing.
2. I think the change was mostly by listening to other artists and then by exposing myself to live shows, connecting with other artists in my town, and hearing what they are doing.
3. A lot about it is staying true to yourself I want to release things that I am proud of and still reflects who I am.
4. When I’m writing I take the present moment and connect how I’m feeling and how I’m growing as an artist. Then I go home and I find out the chords in the piano. The lyrics are always written for almost every time.
5. My main influence is Maggie Rogers. As an independent artist it takes a while for people to notice you. If you’re not an instagram influencer or YouTube it can take a while.
6. In Canada you can book a gig and a venue is going to pay you as an artist, you don’t need to sell a minimum tickets in order to perform. In LA there is more competition because a lot of people are trying to do the same thing, but you can make a lot of connections.
7. My favorite part about music is the escape, the escape of your own struggle or being stuck in your own mind. If I’m dealing with something and its bothering me I feel fortunate to have this skill that I can just express it on paper. If you loose that and treat music just as a job, or like a pay check or an obligation to just release music you loose that part of the process and loose that part of yourself connecting to it. 
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