Reaction to So Hyang

So Hyang

“Study her, she is a great example of precision and dedication to the craft”- Lee Lontoc

Are you an aspiring singer? Who is your major influence? Do you want to be a diva singer? If your answer is YES, you should check So Hyang. She is the perfect example of dedication to the craft. If you really want to learn how to sing you better learn from the best. Philip and Hollywood Vocal Coach Lee react to South Korean singer, So Hyung’s live performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Let’s get ready for those high notes.
The best way to learn is from the best. If you feel that these vocal reaction videos are helping you as a singer make sure you subscribe to “VisionQuest Sound” YouTube reaction channel. Philip and Lee have a lot to teach. Let’s grow together. 

1. “I enjoy the gentleness of her voice”- Lee Lontoc
2. She’s on pitch, on tone- Philip Garcia
3. This is a competition in Korea, kind of like “The Voice”
4. “I love the arrangement, really romantic”- Philip Garcia
5. I think she’s unique her own but I think she has influences of the people she studied like Celine Dion and others.
– Lee Lontoc
6. Love the orchestra is behind her and how her energy is rising behind the orchestra.
7. Live performance ain’t no joke, you’ve gotta be on the money. –Philip Garcia
8. Listen to the power and range- Lee Lontoc
9. Great runs- Lee Lontoc
10. English is her second language so she really had to study it.- Lee Lontoc
11. The dynamic level of it is amazing- Lee Lontoc
12. For all the singers out there, you must know that hitting that note with power, clarity and no breaks and ending when the orchestra ends that takes practice and professionalism, heads off to her- Lee Lontoc.
13. Study her, she is a great example of precision and dedication to the craft.- Lee Lontoc.

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