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“Having the vision and the concept is key. That saved me a lot of time” – Carolina

At VisionQuest Sound we love to talk about music and culture. Carolina has all of them. Besides being a musician she is also a dancer. Born in Lima but coming from an Asian family and currently living in LA. She talks about how being multi cultural makes her unique. If you want to hear more about her struggles of growing up in a multi cultural family, her music journey, inspiration, and artistry, join us in a deep conversation with Carolina. 
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1. I am Latin Asian and this is what makes me authentic and unique. I am a singer songwriter and dancer, the reason I was able to learn all these skills is because I was able to learn different cultures.
2. My influences were Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Pia Mia, Camila Cabello. I come from a non-musical family at all. Over the years they understood that I am an artist.
3. I was born and raised in Lima Peru but my parents migrated from China. My mom migrated from Lima to LA. I was always back and forth between LA and Peru. I learned English from traveling all the time and the pop songs.
4. I learned the piano, ukulele and guitar. Voice is my first instrument.
5. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be that pop star.
6. LA is multi cultural, Lima is super condensed is not very multi cultural but there’s a community of Chinese.
7. I speak 3 languages. My first Language is Spanish. I speak English and Chinese.
8. Latin American culture and Chinese culture is very different, the coming to LA was completely different as well. It was a little of a struggle with cultural identities.
9. I have a message of confidence; I have a message of empowering. My housekeeper was the one who raised me and represented someone who I looked up to. I am always be surrounded by girls.
10. What I like more about the music is the process from a little concept to a great production.
11. Having the vision and the concept is key. That saved me a lot of time. On set we don’t have time to create we just have to do what we already created.
12. I collaborate with other artists as well in their music videos.
13. My new single “Too Cute for You, K Bye”. 
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