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“I do art in every capacity because I believe art changes the world” – Masha

What are your passions? How do you think your art and passion can change the world? Our birthright as a musician is to give art and music to the world. It is important to know that we came to the world to give value. LA based producer Philip of VisionQuest Sound talks to artist, Masha Alexis about music, artistry, challenges, the importance of authenticity, relationships, and the Stand Tall International organization. If you want to learn more about Masha’s story of how she used her talents to give value to the world, this is a space to learn from her. She will show you how she turned from a dancer to a musician to a co founder of Stand Tall International.
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1. “I do art in every capacity because I believe art changes the world”.
2. “I feel music has to touch this bigger issues and this bigger pictures, we have to touch people, we have to change the world, we have to give back, we can’t just take from this world we live in”
3. “I grew up as a classical musician I left music for a couple of years to be a professional dancer.”
4. “Our band Masha Lexis and the Fam we are 6: guitar, bass drum, sax and trumpet. I am on lead vocal and piano”- Masha Lexis.
5. “I am the co founder of Stand Tall International we arrange and fund life savings and spine surgeries for children in east Africa. We give the kids a chance to have healthy and successful life.”
6. “My music needs to be there to have a point and have a message and change the world. Music have to change the world.” 
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