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“You Still Are” is a track from my album “Sirens”, a sonic journey navigating the balance between softness and power painted with melodic sweetness, passion, and longing.

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“This is it. This is all we know. Surrounded by fools, how can one expect to grow? Keep making your judgements. Keep putting on a show. Keep separating yourself, how can you expect to grow? So much ignorance, no reason or rhyme. Oh so many wasted days, we drank away our prime. – Brenda

Hi Brenda, welcome to VQS. Congrats on the release!
What was your inspiration for this song?

“You Still Are” was released 4/14/20. It was written from the perspective of a mother speaking to their child about the multitude of difficulties one faces in their lifetime and how through it all, no matter what, the mother will always love and be there for the child. It is also reflective of how we are all connected as human being regardless of false veils of separation.

Dreams and ambitions crushed by the hands of time. But look into my eyes! You Still Are my child. Stop singling yourself out, it’s time you figure out, we’re all one! You Still Are my child.” – Brenda

“Sirens” is led by strong smokey vocals wrapped in a blanket of haunting harmonies, lush strings, rhythmic guitar, and floating keys. It is a true sonic journey to a sphere of mist and echoes. The album is currently out and available everywhere and there is also an 8 minute music video titled “Welcome To The World Of Sirens” out on Youtube.

When you need to let go and reflect on your life, start streaming “You Still Are” right here:

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