Erin Cosgrove
Erin Cosgrove"The Perfect Place To Start"
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Erin knows the exact recipe to make you smile...
Caley Rose
Caley Rose"Something New"
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Caley brings hope and light today...
Sandra North
Sandra North"Same Story 'Bout a Broken Heart"
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Sandra pushes "country rock" to a new level this year.
Christine Nguyen
Christine Nguyen"Better Days"
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Soothing, emotional, with a hypnotic beat.
Alyssa Walker
Alyssa Walker"Weather"
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Sparkling production, marvelous vocals...
Jenny J Nam
Jenny J Nam"A Dark Memory"
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Graceful, chilling, sad and honest.
Vealy"Just Like Me"
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Soaring vocal, heart wrenching lyrics.
Raya Dize
Raya Dize"Droplet"
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Breath-taking, downtempo, and powerful.
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