As artists and musicians, how can we add real value today? On this show, we focus on leadership and productivity for today’s creators. Episodes include advice recaps from our VQS blog, and interviews with artists and influencers.
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53: Make Room For Your Singer in the Mix
Composer, songwriter, and music producer Chris Wirsig shares teaches us How To Make Room for your Singer in the Mix. In this episode, you will turn your musicianship to the next level.

52: A Musician’s Perspective: Powerful Lessons from Quarantine
Professional musician and leader Steve Solomon shares his 5 tips on “Life Lessons from Quarantine: This is the perfect time to focus on your business and unleash your music leadership inside. Make the change today!

51: How To Help Musicians Today – Carley Varley
There are many ways to help musicians in the industry. If you want to learn how to give more to receive more, learn it in this episode. Leadership and teamwork are the keys to success.  Featuring VQS host Alessa Ray.

50: Sandra North & Juan Abella
Swedish country singer Sandra North joins VQS with her producer Juan Abella. Get some value content about songwriting secrets, musicianship, vision, and focusing on your branding during the lockdown. 

49: Whitney Tai – Artistry & Vision
Whitney Tai and music producer Tim Janssens talk about her new album, “Apogee.”  Whitney also discusses her vulnerability towards releasing music during the lockdown. How can we help people right now, with new music?

48: How to Find Your DAW Soulmate
SoCal based film composer and sound designer, Jose ‘Chipi’ Estrada shares his advice and tips on How to Find Your DAW Soulmate. Take your musicianship to the next level and choose the DAW that works the best for your upcoming releases.

47: How to Support Creators of Color
Music influencer Caitlin Murphy (aka Annábla) shares her insights on “How to Support Creators of Color in the Music Industry.” Here are 5 ways you can make a difference. Join the chat to know how we can work together to make a change.

46: The Importance of Hearing in Singing – Lee Lontoc
Hollywood vocal coach and influencer Lee Lontoc shares his insights on why musicianship is critical for singers who are pursuing music as a career. Unleash your inner singer and lets work on those ears!

45: Watching the World Wake up from History
A great leader posses a clear vision, courage, has integrity, and clear focus. Danny J. Lee joins VQS giving us great value on how we can create real change and turn the country around for the good. Learn how we can get together and be the change.

44: Artistry & Vision with Tia
Artist entrepreneur Tia shares her vulnerability and vision about struggles as an artist, life lessons, advice for artists, future vision, and more. How can you thrive where you are at? 

43: Secret Benefits of Having Your Podcast
Architect and music entrepreneur Alessa Ray shares why it’s so important to start your podcast as a source of connecting and giving value to your audience. Unlock your inner leadership by influencing people.

42: 5 Tips I Learned as a Background Vocalist
Linn Holmstedt teaches us how to become a better background vocalist. The value of supporting performers can never be underestimated. Learn how to add depth and character with open harmonies and intervals.

41: The Quarantine Challenge
Todays’s episode feature some highlights on how to face uncertainty in a world pandemic. Join the conversation to know what the award-winning music producer Steven Buckner can share.

40: Unmasking Creativity with Danny J. Lee
TV host and on-camera talent Danny J. Lee share his advice for creators on keeping up the creative jones during these uncertain times. Get ready to learn how to contribute to the world with your creativity in this episode!

39: Confessions with Alessa Ray
The music architect and host, Alessa Ray joins a conversation with Philip to teach us how music and architecture are related. Get some value from Alessa’s leadership and vision to take your music career to the next level.

38: Frequency Mixing Secrets – Chris Wirsig
Level up your musicianship with music composer Chris Wirsig who teaches music creators the 5 Ways to Improve Your Mixes. How can you make a Billboard 100 song? Learn it in this episode!

37: Studio Chat – Nicko & Sky
Music creators, TAKARA (Sky) and Nick Ostby share their inspiration from their articles on “One Small Step Towards What You Love” and “Using Your Artistry to Change The World”. Get your leadership and creativity out after listening to this content.

36: Five Fabulous YouTube Channels
Brazillian pop singer, REV shares her 5 Favorite Pop Music YouTube Channels with Philip from VisionQuest Sound. Find the best creative content online to learn from the bests and grow your career. 

35: Confessions with KIA
Dutch-Indonesian singer-songwriter, KIA teaches us through her story about her multi-cultural life, her music journey, inspiration, and artistry. How are music, culture, and leadership related?

34: Rising Above The Ashes: Valerie Carricato
Musician, philanthropist, and creator, Valerie Carricato gives us her insights about “Rising Above Uncertainty.” How can this be an opportunity to take your music career to the next level?

33: How To Really Connect With Your Audience – Tyler Alexis
Rock singer-songwriter, Tyler Alexis highlights her 5 tips on “Making Deeper Connections With Your Audience.” Learn how, positivity, vulnerability, the power of networking, and much more will help you be a better server to your fans.

32: How To Train Your Ears with Steve Solomon
Professional musician, Steve Solomon teaches us his 5 tips on “How To Train Your Ears, In Quarantine.” How can you work from home in your musicianship craft during a lockdown? Make the most of your time and ears! 

31: 5 Life Lessons From Quarantine
Multi-award-winning pianist/composer/songwriter and music producer from South Korea, Jenny J Nam shares her “5 Life Lessons From Quarantine” at VisionQuest Sound.

30: Confessions with Carolina Lee Li
Latin Asian songwriter, Carolina Lee Li talks to us about her struggles of growing up in a multicultural family, her music journey, inspiration, and artistry vision with host, Philip of VQS. How can your culture relate to your artistry?

29: 5 Essential Tools To Make Music At Home – Chipi
Award winner, film composer, and sound designer, Jose ‘Chipi’ Estrada teaches musicians the “5 Tools You Need To Make Music At Home.” Learn how to be a resourceful DIY musician when you can’t go to studios. 

28: Artistry & Vision – Valerie Carricato
Musician, philanthropist, and creator, Valerie Carricato shares about her music journey, challenges, vision, and more with Philip of VisionQuest Sound. What were some challenges when you are a female drummer? 

27: Artistry & Vision with Christina Sofina
Model, singer-songwriter, and creator, Christina Sofina highlights life in quarantine, her music journey, future vision, and advice. How can we stay focused and put our dreams first?

26: Artistry & Vision – The Sonic Writer
Do you have the courage to quit your 8-year day job to follow your passion? What is your unique fingerprint as an artist? What is your creative workflow? In this podcast episode, Philip talks to Shaun Day and Matty Margallo about The Sonic Writers.

25: 5 Tips To An Unforgettable Performance – Nia Padilla
Singer-songwriter, Nia Padilla teaches us the 5 Tips of “How To Deliver An Unforgettable Performance To Our Audience.” This will make your audience fall in love with you and never forget about your performance. Build your leadership on stage!

24: Vocal Warmups with Briana Lyn
Singer, actor, and voice coach, Briana Lyn teaches us how to warm up our voice in the morning and release tension. These warm-ups are excellent for actors, creators, speakers, and singers. Lets work on our craft with Briana!

23: Artistry & Vision with Vika
Have someone ever told you that doing music was not a career? What is your way of expressing yourself? If this resonates with you Vika’s story will make you see you’re not alone.

22: What We Learned From Being In Quarantine
How are you reacting to the world’s condition? What are the opportunities?  In this episode, we explore how artists, creators, and small businesses can make new discoveries and real connections despite the lockdown. 

21: Creating Authentic Songs from the Soul – KIA
Feeling creative but don’t know where to start? Want to stand out and set yourself apart? Singer-songwriter artist, KIA shares her insights on Creating Authentic Songs from the Soul.

20: Artistry & Vision with Marc Solomon
Do you want to become a great producer and work with amazing artists? Music producer, Marc Solomon shares his secrets with Philip of how he got the chance to work with Pussy Cat Dolls, Shug Knight, and more. 

19: Artistry & Vision with Mari
Singer-songwriter Mari shares her songwriting process and how to conquer self-doubt in your writing process. If you’ve written songs where you felt frustrated in the creative process Mari will help you overcome obstacles in your creative process. 

18: Artistry & Vision with Eva And The Vagabond Tales
LA-based singer-songwriter and storyteller, Eva from Eva And The Vagabond Tales shares her vulnerability, vision, and songwriting secrets.  

17: Artistry & Vision with Hannah Ureste
Musician and entrepreneur, Hannah Ureste shares how to put the work, deal with the consequences, and just do it, with host, Philip. 

16: Artistry & Vision with REV
Brazilian singer-songwriter, REV reveals her music journey, vision, and branding advice to help your music journey-level up. If you are curious about her advice to join her conversation with at VisionQuest Sound.

Bonus: Stay Motivated To Practice – Hannah Ureste
How can you stay focused when you are burn-out? The mastery of your craft is a life journey. In today’s episode, musician and creator, Hannah Ureste share her insights on motivation.

Bonus: 5 Stay Home Hacks For Creators – REV
For some people staying home decreases their ability to concentrate and being productive, but with self-discipline, we can make the best out of the quarantine. Brazilian pop star, REV shares her 5 Stay Home Hacks For Creators.

Bonus: 5 Ways To Better Promote Your Music – Emily Daccarett
Singer-songwriter, Emily Daccarett teaches us how to promote your new music. If you’re an artist and have a new single or album to upload and release, you have to listen to this.

Bonus Episode: How To Grow Faster On Instagram
How can we organically grow your audience on Instagram? Social media algorithms are changing. What’s the best way to approach 2020? It’s time to finally unlock the riddle.

Bonus Episode: Lessons From Being Off Social Media
You may have considered the “What if” factor: what if we didn’t use social media for 1 day, or 1 week? Yes, It was difficult.  And it was 10 beautiful days of real connections that changed my life.

15: Artistry & Opportunity @ SunSoul Records
Suzen comes to the studio to tell us a little bit about her new platform SunSoul to connect new artists. If you want to learn about the new blog and her music journey you should join this hang. 

Bonus Episode: 5 Ideas To Improve Musicianship and Creativity
What is music? Music is a real expression of your soul. What do you really want to express and what message are you delivering? Here are the best 5 Ideas to Improve Musicianship And Creativity.

Bonus: Perseverance with Valerie Carricato
Our contributing author at VQS and drummer, Valerie Carricato shares her insights on perseverance. Clarity, Holding faith, Adapt, Mindset, Believe.

Bonus: Stay Productive During Quarantine
Today, we discuss How To Stay Productive During The Quarantine For Creatives and Musicians Our invisible enemy, the Corona Virus is COVID 19 is taking over the world now. What are you going to do about it?

Bonus: How To Market Like A Major Label – Justina Beth-El
As creatives and more specifically musicians, we all have different visions and ideas of “making it.” Whatever that milestone of success is for you, Justina Beth-El shares her insights on How To Market Yourself Like A Major Label On An Indie Budget.

Bonus: How Artists Can Benefit The Community
Our contributing author at VQS and musician, Valerie Carricato shares her insights on how artists can help the community, and more importantly, why it’s important?

Bonus: Studio Chat with Apogee & Hollywood Vocal Coach
Philip talks to Greg Chung from Apogee and Lee Lontoc from the Hollywood Vocal Coach about streaming equipment for creators today.

Bonus Episode: A Note About COVID-19
These are difficult times for everyone. VisionQuest Sound is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our team, the artists and creators that we serve, and our community.

14: Studio Chat with Danielle H
LA-based singer-songwriter Danielle H visits the studio to record new music and share her story. Learn more about Danielle’s vision and music career.

13: Studio Chat with Grammy Mixer Tom Weir
Grammy award-winning mixing engineer and producer, Tom Weir of Studio City Sound shares insights and advice for producers, artists, and engineers.

12: Artistry & Vision with Briana Lyn
LA-based session singer and voice coach, Briana Lyn shares her advice for artists and actors with host Philip from VisionQuest Sound. Check the 5 secrets to Unlocking Your Voice at VQS blog.

11: Artistry & Vision with Vealy
Vealy is a singer-songwriter based in LA. She writes pop/soul songs. She will also share with us feedback she got from her production class which was life-changing for her creative journey. Stay with us to learn tips during the process. 

10: Networking with Authenticity
In Los Angeles or any big city, it’s not uncommon to feel like a little fish in a big pond. It can be a big task to navigate and promote your art when you’re brand new to the industry.  Learn about the 5 Power Tips For Effective Networking.

09: Studio Chat With Jake
Philip talks to Jake on his 4th day interning at the legendary, Studio City Sound. Filmed at Studio City Sound in Los Angeles Special Thanks to Grammy Award-winning engineer, Tom Weir, and Kris Salas.

Bonus Episode: Balance Your Day Job With Your Music Career
Today, we’re teaching you 5 Ways To Balance Your Day Job And Your Music Career. How do you conserve energy after a full day at your job? How can you maximize the time that’s left in the day?

08: Artistry & Vision with Maddisun.
Canadian based singer-songwriter, Maddisun shares her story and inspiration with Vealy on the VisionQuest Sound show.
Her original songs explore coming of age, love, and travel. Learn about Maddisun’s vision and artistry.

07: Artistry & Vision with Kris Salas
Audio engineer and voice-over artist, Kris Salas of Studio City Sound shares insights and advice for upcoming engineers and producers.

06: Artistry & Vision with Roma Scarano
Triple threat artist, Roma Scarano shares her inspiration and advice about acting and artistry with host, Philip. Thanks to the creative director, CJ Lewis.

05: Artistry & Vision with Suzen
LA-based soul singer-songwriter, Suzen shares her inspiration and advice about artistry, vocal coaching, and her company, SunSoul Records.

Welcome To Our Podcast
As artists and musicians, how can we add real value today? On this show, we focus on leadership and productivity for today’s creators. Episodes include advice recaps from our VQS blog and interviews with artists and influencers.

04: Artistry & Vision with Masha Alexis
What are your passions? How do you think your art and passion can change the world? LA bases singer-songwriter, Masha Alexis about music, artistry, challenges, the importance of authenticity, and relationships. 

03: What’s Our Podcast About?
As artists and musicians, how can we add real value today? Episodes include advice recaps from our VQS blog and interviews with artists and influencers. Join us on our quest to discover growth hacks and new strategies for the visionaries.

02: Mixing Tips For Artists, Get More Emotion From Your Song
Philip from VisionQuest Sound recaps our blog from our advice article, 5 Tips to Get More Emotion From Your Mixes by Andrew Samples.

01: How To Overcome Self-Doubt For Creators.
As creatives, we often face self-doubt. How are you really connecting with who you are as an artist? Our inner voice has a powerful effect on our lives. What if we could reverse that process?
Do you have a story to share to the world? Submit here.

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