How To Get the Most out of your next Conference

Heading to SXSW or ASCAP Experience? What to bring and how to prepare?

How Can Artists Help The Community?

How are we giving back as artists? Your community really needs you today.

Start Crushing, Even If You Can’t Get Out Of Bed

Whether it’s stress, anxiety, or lack of sleep, it can be hard get out of bed. What if we changed our approach?

Notes From The Vocal Coach

What if you fell in love with your voice?

What if you were motivated everyday?

Everyday is a battlefield of the mind. What is your inner voice saying to you?

Use Social Media, the Smart Way

This year, everyone is changing their strategy on social media. How will you grow and stay ahead?

5 Reasons To Be A Mentor

How can mentoring someone help you with your life?

5 Career Pathways for Singers

There’s no better time for singers than right now!

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