Lyodra – Dibanding Dia

Review by: Philip Garcia


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Honest and painful, yet truly remarkable!

Lyodra’s words cut straight to the heart!

If there’s one person in your life who you’ve never gotten over, you know how hard it is to have the “one that got away”. Dibanding Dia opens to a dreamy and almost ghost-like music bed. The sounds simply melt into the scenery while Lyodra’s voice floats delicately like saddened clouds. Her melody is reminiscent of a sweet yet scarred lullaby.

How many tears have you truly shed over the one that got away?

Who can handle what comes next?

From the cherished memories of when we were together, to the aching flash backs of the promising future. This song digs deep down to your bones!

The English lyric translation of “Honestly, I love you more than her” sends us straight into a sea of tears. Dibanding Dia has a painful beauty to it and truly makes us want to remember the real moments of our past relationships.

When has letting go ever been easy?

I can guarantee you that we’re all trying to find the best way to move on. And just when I thought this song would help me get closer, we get: THE FINAL BLOW


I used google translate for the dialogue at the end of the music video. And yep, it hurts.

Indonesian: Aku Melody! Mulai sekarang, Jangan ganngu Reno lagi!
English: I’m Melody, From now on, Don’t bother Reno anymore.

It’s such a beautiful song, even though it hurts! Thank you Lyodra and your team for a truly remarkable production!

5 out of 5

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Review by: Philip Garcia

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