Mozart Gabriel – Leach


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Edgy, refreshing, and full of intensity!

Mozart Gabriel is a Native American folk, indie, and alternative rock artist based out of Nashville, TN, Barcelona, Spain, and the Taos Pueblo village in New Mexico. Mozart Gabriel arose from the waters of Taos Pueblo & Red Rocks of the Navajo To’hajiilee. From a village of powerful traditional singers, the red willow tribe gave him his name Mozart at birth. Gabriel writes all of his songs, and would find it tough to perform somebody else’s songs, as he comes from a Native American family of great storytellers. Music for Mozart is his therapy, honesty, and vulnerability.

‘Leach’ is truly the epitome of dreamy alternative rock…

…with a stunningly artistic performance from Mozart. The intensity of the instrumentation paired with the strange yet beautiful lyrics and incredible vocal styling from Gabriel makes the song a standout in the indie genre. The song is reminiscent of mid-80s Bowie, while keeping a modern alternative rock sound that mirrors the sounds of The Black Keys, Radiohead, Jack White, and more. Mozart Gabriel is up and coming in the genre, solely because he uses unique, traditional storytelling techniques alongside an experimental sound to elevate himself as an artist and writer.

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