“The horizons are never too far to follow, nor too close to reach. That’s what fascinates me the most about the world – it never runs out of secrets.” – Rapolas Grazys
Rapolas Grazys a founder, creator and visionary behind Lava Drops. Product/industrial designer, guitarist – always seeking perfection in non-traditional ways of creativity. His roots are deeply in the contemporary art scene as he was born in a well know artist family in Lithuania.
By specialising in industrial and one of a kind product creation, High-End audio, musical instruments, conceptual and interactive installations connecting sound and design interdisciplinary Rapolas Grazys established a trademark called LAVA DROPS which connects sound and design collaboration and creates exclusive one of a kind functional musical art pieces to enlarge musical playability and creativity.
Each Lava Drop is created from authentic and natural nature resources. Rapolas constantly looks for new ways how to use natural and rare materials for creating each Drop. From materials like 50 million years amber stones, meteorites from the atmosphere, exclusive and sustainable wood, bell brass, different stones and materials that have their own history.
Rapolas Grazys creations are incorporated in Lithuania design history while his works are constantly being presented in worldwide contemporary art, music and innovation exhibitions. R. Grazys has won many design awards including global and most prestigious Red Dot Design award.
The vision of Lava Drops came to him not just by having a long relationship by playing the guitar but also from having a professional carrier in product design. His perspective and experience in musical instruments, technology and art world gave him a unique ability to join and connect these substantial things in one immersive collection of Lava Drops.
His mission is to create instruments that reflect nature vibrations and inspire creativity. He believes that trough sound and resonance of musical instrument human can directly connect with nature and be inspired. Feel each material trough tone and touch as it would be the harmony of the universe. By taking inspirations from nature organic aesthetics, joining them with modern technologies trough minimal design perspective Rapolas Grazys creates collectable functional musical art pieces. Contact Rapolas here.
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