Episode Hearne Hardwood NAMM 2020

Hearne Hardwood

“We look for the most beautiful exotic woods”- Hearne Hardwood

We went to the NAMM Show and captured some of the coolest stories. Our host, Kimberly Lee talks to Rick and Brian Hearne on how they risk their lives to find the world’s most beautiful wood. From Hawaii to Africa. Hearne Hardwoods Inc. is a small, family-owned, specialty hardwood lumber company located on an 18th century homestead in southeastern Pennsylvania. Started in 1997 by Rick and Pat Hearne, it has grown from a four person, eight thousand square foot company to a business with eighteen employees and over fifty thousand square feet of showroom, storage, and manufacturing capacity 
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1. We look for the most beautiful exotic woods. We travel a lot, I think I did 120 airlines last year.
2. Years ago I was making guitar straps out of leather and exhibited at Namm. While I was traveling a lot of my friends were wood workers. We sell the wood to the people who do the musical instruments.
3. We handle between 150 and 200 species. Some of them are accessible and some of them are rare. The rare woods are between 10-15 thousand dollars.
4. Some of the demonstrations includes: Koa wood (Hawaii-rare), European Spruce, Guatemalan Rosewood. Pedal steel made of Koa. 
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