The Ultimate Portable Synth

Marty, we’re going Back to the Future with this new battery operated synthesizer that’s got all the classic arcade visuals, 8 bit sounds, and more! Have a closer look at the white and black buttons, it’s actually a 3 octave keyboard for you to make instant music, anywhere. Dr. Yu Endo (Japan) founder of Sonicware, reinvents the portable synthesizer with his latest creation, the ELZ_1. Featuring artist Elfin Music. Special thanks to Aaron.
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Liven 8Bit Warps
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Article by Philip Garcia

Our goal for the ELZ_1 was to create a synthesizer capable of producing unique sounds, so we developed synthesis engines, including FM, 8-bit wave memory, noise-engine and granular, from the ground up with the SONICWARE mindset.
We hope you will make the most of this variety of original synth engines to create new sounds, new performances and new music.
By constantly striving to invent and advance new instruments, we seek to contribute to the creation of new musical compositions and culture. This is the SONICWARE mission. We believe in making distinctive instruments that can both delight their users and create previously unknown sounds and expressions.

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