Article by Shammy Dee: How Planning Can Change Your Future

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LA based DJ, artist, producer, and entrepreneur Shammy Dee has worked with Disney, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and more.
Ever the strategist, Shammy has a unique gift of combining strategy and execution. It’s more than just a plan, he knows how you should execute to get results. He’s been trusted by people of all kinds – authors, musicians, DJs, singers, and producers – to give tailored insight and advice on what they are working on. He pulls from his 20+ years experience in the game to give practical solutions to today’s fast-changing atmosphere.
As a coach, Shammy offers support and instruction to all his clients, helping them navigate to their next level effectively and quickly. Like his DJ’ing, he tailors his efforts to each client’s unique situation, giving them clarity for the next steps to take.  Receive free DJ tips and mixes here.
Shammy, thank you for joining us at VQS today. Take us back in time to when you first fell in love with music.
I don’t recall the exact moment. I knew I always loved it. But I can tell you when I fell in love with DJ’ing. I remember sitting in the back of my Mom’s ’89 Honda Accord and listening to the “Traffic Jamz” on Power 106 in Los Angeles. I was fascinated with how the DJ took Song A and Song B and then mixed them together. That blend felt like a new song to me! I loved how the energy never dropped, how the blends sounded, and how the vibe kept going. I was hooked on DJ’ing ever since.
What core values do to believe are necessary for success?
Consistency, Persistency, and Constant Growth.
What future opportunities would you like to be involved with?
Opportunities that push my creative boundaries, from creating new music with recording artists to composing music for plays. I enjoy working on projects that push the edges for both the artists and audience.
If you’re a working DJ and want more tips on increasing your productivity and growing your business, join my free Facebook group where we discuss strategies on getting your gigs poppin, how to get more leads, and building your fanbase.

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