By Philip Garcia

J. Mulay arrived to our studio wearing a faded t-shirt and shorts.  He casually sat down at the piano and started singing “Black Bird” by The Beatles.  Most of us have heard countless covers of this song through the decades, right?  But this one gave me the chills. And yep, we filmed it!

LA based singer-songwriter/producer J.Mulay grew up playing drums, piano, and singing to the The Beatles, Earth Wind and Fire, and Stevie Wonder.  A true believer in preserving the depth and richness of neo-soul and R&B.  Rhythm, harmony, and melody is in his DNA.  “I want people to connect to my songs in a way where they don’t have to think and can just get lost in the music.”  – J. Mulay

Filmed at our VisionQuest Sound studio.  VisionQuest Sound features singer-songwriters and artists who love to perform and share their story. VisionQuest Sound is an LA based media company and boutique recording studio that helps artists and brands share their stories and music to the world.

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