5 Powerful Eco Tips For Musicians

Article by Inanna

Write songs, make art and concerts for the planet!

We are living challenging times, especially when it comes to global environmental issues. Our climate is changing faster than ever before, more than 150 species go extinct every day, billions of animals are exploited every year for food or human activity, many habitats are being destroyed, the oceans polluted, and humans are suffering the consequences of excessive contamination and an unhealthy lifestyle.
But we are the ones who can change this: artists, most of all, have the power to create emotions around these fundamental issues, to create sensitivity and awareness, to create cultural change.
When you’re on stage, you have the power – and the responsibility – to transmit a positive message of love, peace and compassion for our home, the Earth, and all its creatures.
This is why, as musicians in 2020, it is very important to be environmentally-conscious and make the best choices to reduce our impact and carbon-footprint as much as we can, if we want to guarantee a greener and healthier future for the next generations. Today, here’s:

5 Ways To Make A Big Difference Worldwide And Set A Good Example For Others:

    1. Choose Products With Less Packaging
      Try to avoid plastics as much as you can. Did you know there are wooden or stone-made guitar picks? When you can’t avoid plastic, recycle it, re-use it, and be creative with it. If we start choosing products with less or no packaging, or at least an eco-friendly one, all the companies will start shifting towards these environmentally-friendly choices
    2. Recycle And Re-Use…
      guitar and bass strings in creative ways! If you have a crafty soul, you can make anything with strings: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and much more! And if you aren’t crafty at all, don’t forget you can recycle them: there are some online services where you can send your used strings and earn points for later purchases. Check them out!
    3. Smart Traveling
      If you’re a touring artist, try to fly less and choose eco-friendly vehicles to travel with! Electric and hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular and cheaper. Choosing electric over fossil-fuel based transport makes an enourmous impact and helps to keep our carbon emissions lower, which means helping to reduce climate change.
    4. Start A Plant-Based Diet
      It is currently the most powerful means on everyone’s hands to make a drastic impact on carbon emissions. Animal agriculture has a devastating impact on territories, it is one of the biggest drivers of climate change, the biggest cause for pollution and ocean acidification and it causes endless suffering to animals bred and exploited for food we don’t even need. Choosing a fully plant-based diet will cut your emissions to more than half! Imagine if we all did that, it would have a tremendous global impact and our Earth would be able to heal.
    5. Write Songs, Make Art And Concerts For The Planet
      The Earth needs your voice, nature and animals need you to speak up for them like never before. Through the magical power of music, we can make their voices heard, we can move people towards compassion, towards change, towards better and eco-friendly ways of living. We have learned to be citizens of the world, now we have to learn to be eco-citizens of the world!
If we all make these little shifts, we will create enormous change! And we will inspire many others and the generations to come to be loving and respectful towards our rich, precious, wonderful planet!
Article by Inanna
cover image: Andreas Gücklhorn
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