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5 Powerful Eco-Friendly Tips For Musicians
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“Write songs, make art and concerts for the planet.” – Inanna

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If Mother Nature had a voice, what would she sing? Inanna’s mission is to deliver, through enchanting soundscapes and an innovative mixture of ancient and contemporary beats, a message of peace, environmentalism, respect for our planet and all its creatures.
Latest News: My latest single, called “Strange Days”, was an entirely cappella experiment written and produced during these quarantine days. The music video was also shot at home with our own simple means. My new single is coming out on May 13th, it’s called “Heal” and it’s about the power of collective healing through dance and music. The rhythm of the song is a Middle-Eastern ayoub, of Zaar dance, a ritualistic dance used to heal people in the past. I wanted to release a song with that “healing” power in these times, and the video will be another home-made one, but this time with the collaboration of many fellow bellydancers around the world. Many more songs are on the way, and they will all be collected in an album called Acrotopia, which will be released this year.
Inanna, thank you for joining us today at VQS. Take us back in time to how you first fell in love with music.
Music has always been there for me, I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t singing or dancing! I started composing songs and making choreographies when I was very little. Music, dance, theatre have always been my big passions and I could never survive without expressing myself through these languages. I have been involved in many projects, but last year I decided to put it all together into one ambitious project called Inanna: an environmentalist music project where I found the deepest roots of why I am singing and for whom. My aim is to create awareness and emotion around the biggest environmental and animalist issues of our times. My love for Nature and animals has been united with my passion for music and dance. I have found my true voice.
What 3 core values do you believe are necessary for success?
1. Be authentic. Be yourself, be an exaggerated version of yourself, be unique. It has to be the real you, from you core, from what you stand for. If you don’t believe in it and you don’t out your truth in it, nobody will. You are unique, show your uniqueness.
2. Do a service to others, to the planet, to nature or animals. Be of service for whom needs to connect with a certain emotions, bring a message of peace, respect, love for the Earth. You can probably get away with being dishonest, mean or unauthentic for a while, but it doesn’t last. Be kind and generous!
3. Work hard and smart. Take it seriously, make it your mission. And even in the hardest of times, never give up!

Who have been some of your favorite people/projects to work with?
I love working with my DC-based producer Joshua F. Williams, who understands my Middle Eastern influences and has taken on the challenge of creating a new genre I like calling eco-ethno-electropop. In the past, when I used to live in Spain, I worked with Nock, another great producer who worked on my first solo album and another EP.
And I have had the pleasure to work with such amazing filmmakers and professionals of the film industry for my music videos, too many to mention! But I am so grateful for all the ones who have supported me before Inanna was born and now.
What future opportunities would you like to be involved with?
I would love to become even more of a voice for nature and animals, collaborate with environmentalist and animalist organizations and influencers, and possibly create songs together with some other influential animalist or environmentalist musician.
I cannot wait to go back to the stage and live gigs, but that will wait to wait a bit, due to the COVID-19 situation. But for sure, more Inanna shows are coming up!
Article by Inanna: 5 Powerful Eco-Friendly Tips For Musicians
photo credit: Tim Rosales

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