Inanna: Invisible City

A new visionary music video.

Imagine an abundant and peaceful green city of the future, a place of complete harmony. Inanna sings her “Invisible City” – a sweet chant calling for redemptive beauty and warding off the darkness of our times. 

Italian director Alex Bordoni has chosen to present a dark contrast to Inanna’s sensuous and seductive song: in a murky caricature of our own times, with nightmarish pest-doctors policing an imprisoned patient, the longing for freedom and harmony becomes an antidote to fear and despair. Inanna herself appears in different guises, as a white futuristic messenger, a red prophetess and as a neon miracle-worker of the night flanked by companion dancers.
In a virtual world symbolizing the unborn future, Inanna’s body and limbs appear in strange blossoming dream-flowers of the night, carrying a promise of something miraculous and yet unseen. A treat to the senses and a darkly playful comment on our own age, Invisible City is revealed as more than an imaginary place to escape to: it is an invitation to be serious about our dreams.


Eco-pop singer, Inanna unfolds a new, bright and delightful side of her musical adventure.

Released 7/10/20, Inanna’s new song entitled, “Invisible City” is a full vision of a “neo-Arcadia”, a green, harmony, where humans live lightly on the land, dwelling in their eco-polis, built on a pact with the Earth. Here, no one can tell where nature begins and the city ends, as nature and culture fuse in a utopian city, a “reign of plants, books, animals and music halls”. Taking out the full register of Inanna’s voice and a broader acoustic instrumentation, this evocative ballad draws you in and keeps you in a rich, colourful and sensuous dream of a future worth fighting for, where beauty holds the promise of happiness.

The correspondence between the earthy drums, violin and oud and on the other hand the electronic elements perfectly summons the happy fusion of the old and the new, and of superior and discrete technologies woven together with rocks, flora and fauna. The golden, sunny atmosphere laden with mystery makes this song a world of its own – one-of-a-kind experience that the listener will yearn to revisit.

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photo credits: Tim Rosales

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