Ep: 30 Carolina Lee Li

Episode 30: Confessions with Carolina Lee Li

In this episode, LA based pop singer-songwriter, Carolina Lee Li talks to us about her struggles of growing up in a multi cultural family, her music journey, inspiration, and artistry with host, Philip of VQS.
Join us in a deep conversation with Carolina. Challenges, confessions, future vision, and more.

Music by Carolina Lee Li: “Decoding Signs”, “Better Off On My Own”
Special Thanks to: Alyssa Cudiamat, Cecilia Wen, Carolina’s mom and dad, Emmanuel Mendives, Vago Galindo, Jett Galindo, Ali Stone, Jamie Cheung, Jianne Jade, and Sotida Arpon, Lorenze Jay, Matias Ruiz
Show Producer: Philip Garcia of VisionQuest Sound 

Video time stamps:
0:01 Carolina’s multi-cultural struggle
0:43 Philip’s intro
1:10 Carolina’s intro
2:34 Starting music
3:18 Growing up in Lima,Peru
4:24 Learning guitar, piano, ukulele
5:32 Heroes: Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears
6:04 Oops, I did it again!
6:57 Latin American music and Reggaeton
7:24 Whats the difference? Lima,Peru vs LA
9:22 How many languages do you speak?
9:46 Multi-cultural and identity struggles
12:24 Carolina’s vision and message: women empowerment
14:58 Social Media & Tik Tok
16:18 Story of “Decoding Signs”
16:45 It trigger me emotionally
18:08 Learning video editing
18:48 Studio production workflow and musicians
20:33 Better Off On My Own
21:15 The music video team and vision
22:35 Choreography and Carolina’s dancers
23:51 New single “Too Cute For You, K Bye” Ali Stone and Cuja
26:33 Advice for young artists
27:18 Support VisionQuest Sound

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