Start Crushing, Even If You Can’t Get Out Of Bed

Article by Vika

Artist and creatives, ever have a bad day? When anxiety, depression, the flu, or even laziness gets the best of us, it can be a big deal to get out of our cozy bed. Yeah that happens… Great news: Not everything goes to waste. Today, here’s our:

5 Bed Hacks to Productivity

    1. Your Personal Office
      Get creative – Edit your next post, get better at Photoshop, edit your videos, work on your website, prepare all the banners, and graphics for you next release. When’s the last time you refreshed your bio? How about the design idea for your merch? There are plenty of activities you can do while lying in bed with your laptop. 
    2. Research
      Google is your best friend. Gain some knowledge. Read “tools & strategy” articles, submit your work to blogs, find the next venue you want to visit, make an appointment, schedule the next 30 days, volunteer for upcoming events and conferences, apply for sponsorships. There is so much to do that even laying in your bed all day won’t cover it.
    3. Read
      There are plenty of books about your specific field and niche: There’s music business, production, video editing books, biography’s, and much more. You can get free books at the public libraries or simply buy on Amazon.
    4. Smart Networking
      Dive into the social world – you do it any way no? Open your social media and start connecting with groups and people. Search for potential fans, engage with the current ones, follow inspiring accounts, collect some new hashtags, join your niche groups…there is so much to do on these apps and this would be the perfect time.
    5. Watch A Documentary
      Watching TV can be educating.  – No, not “Friends” or “Spongebob”. There are plenty of shows you can watch that will actually benefit your career. Have you ever checked out the Documentary or Music section on Netflix? It’s insane how much value you can find there.  Turn in on, get inspired, learn the history of your craft. Explore how others in your field are speaking and representing the arts.
How will you use these tools and ideas when you’re stuck in bed? I’d love to hear from you.
Article by Vika
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