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Article by: Nicole McCray
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Why Does It Matter & Growth Plan For All Budding Creators

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Video marketing has quickly become a way for marketers to increase sales growth and traffic to their sites. Businesses and brands that utilize a YouTube channel have benefited from using the power of movement on-screen to attract a new audience and gain loyal customers. 

Budding creators are always looking for growth, and social media platforms are an excellent place to do so. YouTube itself is practically a social media platform by itself, even though it is classified as a search engine. 

Why does social media matter if you are already using YouTube for your business?

Let’s explore the reasons why YouTubers should coordinate social media management and how it can play into the growth plan for creators on YouTube.

1.  What Is Social Media Management, Exactly?

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Social media management, in short, is the practice of consistency across social media platforms in support of your digital marketing. Social media managers typically analyze audiences and develop a strategy tailored to the brand or business to create and distribute content for social media profiles.

Social media is more than just posting content, though.

Marketing strategies for social media involve monitoring performance and online conversations, collaborations with other influencers, requesting and analyzing feedback from the target audience, and responding to comments.

For YouTubers, social media management would also include setting a schedule for postings on social media channels so that you can direct your audience to your YouTube Channel. In addition, you will want to utilize tools to analyze, track and monetize, such as a YouTube link shortener. These tools are great to save you time and boost revenue.

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2. Why Does Social Media Matter For Youtube?

For any business, utilizing your social media platforms is one of the best ways to promote brand awareness, increase visibility, and hone in on the right people to receive your messages. Using more social media, in turn, leads to greater conversions and more YouTube subscribers to your channel.

Social media allows YoTubers to reach, engage, and cultivate…

connections with your ideal audience of viewers. However, because YouTube is only a video platform, you may be missing out on some potential consumers across other social media platforms that don’t solely utilize video for marketing. You can analyze and find where your target audience likes to hang out on social media and use that platform to reach them better.

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3. How Can I Apply Social Media Management To My Youtube Channel?

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For many YouTubers, simply investing in a social media manager is not always in the budget.

While it can be worth the investment, it is also a good idea to know the ins and outs surrounding your social media platforms before hiring someone else to take over. 

If you decide to do it yourself…

you can look into investing in social media software that can help you broadcast over all of your media platforms with just one posting. Social media tools are a great way to save you some time since you can easily repurpose your content over multiple channels.

All of your YouTube content, copy, and videos should outline the following:

  • What your niche or industry is all about
  • Who the videos are intended for
  • Why someone should watch your videos (What are you offering that stands out?)

These same defining features should be found within your social media.You will need to have consistent branding across all of your platforms. It also helps your schedule to correlate with exciting events, offers and promotions, new launches, products, and more.

4. How Do I Find The Right Social Media Channel To Manage?

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As a YouTuber, you should already have familiarity with your audience and core demographic,

you must discover which social media platform will serve you the best at bringing in more viewers and subscribers. If you don’t already utilize tools to help you target your audience and locate which platforms they use the most, there are some other techniques that you can use.

If you are not familiar with your audience or you want to encourage more viewers on your social media platforms to draw them to your YouTube channel, here are some suggestions to help give you that initial boost of followers:

  • Have giveaways/contests – These can help you increase your followers and engagement by having friends tag one another, and you can give a winner some free merchandise or a service.
  • Responses – customer service is a crucial aspect of increasing your social media following. Be sure that you are responding to questions and comments across your channels
  • Hashtags/SEO – you need to have a strategy that includes using common and more specific hashtags across your social media. Only one trending or popular hashtag or keyword is necessary, but it must be relevant to your content and audience.
  • Presence – start showing up in Facebook groups or watch other YouTube videos where potential audiences might hang out, post some questions or comments to gain feedback about the content or videos you want to post. Being more present online within social media is key to gaining more visibility.

5. How Can I Manage Social Media Once I Grow?

When your YouTube channel takes off…

and your social media becomes more than you can handle, this might be the time to consider hiring an outside social media manager to come in and take over. Growth is excellent for success, and there are more avenues you can take to experience sustainability and continued boosts.

For instance, a social media manager might suggest…

investing in paid campaigns as part of your strategy on social media. Leveling up to gain more exposure by promoting your content with a paid advertisement can increase conversations about your content and aid you in reaching new people.

Managing social media offers many benefits for YouTubers, from more exposure to better performance. While taking on social media platforms may involve some costs, it is a practical initiative beyond typical marketing. You can easily align your marketing campaigns against trending topics and behavior that revolve around your specific content and watch how quickly your conversion grows.

Remember to stay authentic to your brand – people appreciate genuine content.

Congratulations on taking the next step to success with your YouTube channel in the social media market!


Article by: Nicole McCray
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