How to Remain Inspired as an Artist

Article by: Hannah Ureste
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Learn how to stay fresh and inspired as a content creator today.

As artists and musicians, mastering your craft can be a lifelong journey. What happens when you burn out? How do you stay focused and motivated to practice? Practicing is essential to any musician who is serious about their career.

How can we improve?

Sometimes we find ourselves staring at our instruments asking: “What’s the point of all this, is it worth it? I should have listened to my family.” How is your internal dialogue really affecting your future?

1.  How Do You Keep Your Mind Fresh?

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If you are busy practicing cooped up in your room for hours, you probably haven’t even seen the sun all day.

When was the last time you took a break?

Try to go out every hour of your practice or every 30 mins. Practicing the same thing repeatedly can have you frustrated, your brain goes into overload, and your muscles could be telling you they need rest! 🤯 The phrase “Push through the pain,” doesn’t work for everyone and THAT’S OKAY!

Listen to your body when practicing.

When your body is telling you to relax or get that little bit of fresh air: GO AHEAD! If you don’t, it might cause you to shut down mentally.

What Can You Do to Stay Relaxed?

Try this:

Being an artist is a beautiful gift! When you are relaxed, you will shine your brightest.

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2. Who Should You Really Follow?

How can Social Media affect your life?

Ever find yourself on social media for hours and when you finally get off, you’re depressed about where you are in your career? Here is the trick, stay off social media! I know that’s hard being in the music industry but try to limit yourself to an hour or two a day scrolling on pages.

Try to follow people that bring you up!

If you know someone who just posts things to get followers and it makes you feel some type of way, unfollow them. Social Media should make you be happy for your friends and fellow musicians.

What happens if you disagree?

If you don’t agree with someone and every post or tweet makes you angry, why follow them? Follow them because they help motivate you on your instrument or give great advice on a new practice routine.

I personally found myself following people that made me angry, when I finally realized this, I started following people I truly care about and who motivate me in and outside of music. That’s the way to do it! 🤗🤗🤗

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3. How Do You Keep the Passion Alive?

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Go out and find the music you love! 😍

Have you purchased new music lately? YouTube and Spotify have all the latest music and the classics too!

Try this:

  • Sing karaoke with friends
  • Practice your dance moves
  • Get absorbed into new music!

This helps motivate people after listening to pick up their instrument or reassures them of why they picked up the instrument to begin with.

How do you keep being motivated?

Try this:

4. Who Can You Truly Count On?

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Surround yourself with real friends. 🥰🥰🥰

A real friend will call you at random times to hang out, jam, record, talk about life and be there to help pick you up when you are in need.

Who can you include in your circle?

A real friend will:

  • let you know when you should be in the practice room more
  • cheer you on when you sound great
  • push you to be better
  • remind you to never give up on your dreams

When you find your real friends, they will make you feel loved and will push your need to move up!

5. How Do You Grow with Other Artists?

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When was the last time you went to a concert?

Do you know who has concerts that are great and don’t cost as much as your rent? YOUR FRIENDS!

How do you show support to your friends?

Go out and show your friends some love at their shows and it will help you stay motivated! This is going to make you rush home to jot down new ideas of songs, lyrics, and could ask yourself “how did they play that lick?” Now you want to pick up your instrument and practice something you never thought of.


Commit to a lifestyle of hard work and practice.

Every artist sings differently

performs a certain way, and expresses themselves uniquely. That is what makes us special and when you find YOUR way, the right doors will open for you.

How will you use these ideas in your journey? We’d love to hear from you.

Article by: Hannah Ureste

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