Ep 39: Alessa Ray

Episode 39: Confessions with Alessa Ray

“Pain with purpose is power.” – Alessa Ray

In this episode, South American singer-songwriter, producer and podcaster, Alessa Ray shares her story and  inspiration with host, Philip of VQS. Join us in a deep conversation with Alessa about struggles as a musician, life lessons, advice for artists, future vision and more.
Music by Alessa Ray: “Can’t Figure You Out”, “Mamacita”, “Game Over”, “Gypsy Woman”
Special Thanks to: Sandor Giebitz, Sandra Nordh, Juan Abella, Renata Vontobel, Marco Leon, Sonder City, Jose Chipi Estrada, Jeffrey Alan, Buddhi De Mal, Massimo L. Maggiore, Isabelle Lima, Lene Amalfi, Megan Fowler, Jesse Fowler, Adri Chavez, Chika Miyahara, Alan Medina, Rayna Rebrovic, Natalie Ann Petti, Sasha Araujo, Logan Fulton, ZANE, Michael Anderson of Musician’s Institute, The Hustler Musician Podcast.
Show Producer: Philip Garcia of VisionQuest Sound 

Video time stamps:
0:01 Show Intro with host Philip
1:01 Alessa’s new music, videos, articles and podcasts
1:54 What have you learned in quarantine?
3:14 Struggles of releasing new music
3:55 How I got my song “Mamacita” placed in TV/Film
6:49 “Game Over” my crush for harmonic minor
7:31 Let’s listen + Philip’s thoughts
7:53 Importance of authenticity and true expression
8:49 Traditional family: from architecture to music
9:46 Artist journey and struggle as a singer-songwriter
10:37 Using architecture in making music
11:53 Overcoming rejection and embracing vision
13:04 Who are your influences?
13:42 What music instruments do you play?
14:56 How important is your artist image?
15:16 The secret of the red bow and dress
16:04 Flamenco flavors “Gypsy Woman”
16:31 Shout outs to Alessa’s creative team
17:43 The power of being vulnerable in your art
18:52 Future vision
20:06 Turning rejection to redirection
21:31 Alessa’s social media and Podcast
22:28 Support VisionQuest Sound + Alessa
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